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Aeroglen Furniture Removal

The leafy suburb of Aeroglen is situated at the foothills of Mount Whitfield Conservation Park and is located just ten minutes out of Cairns city.


Moving in and out of Queenslander homes can be tricky because of its stairs

It conveniently lies beside the Cairns International Airport and a stones throw away from swimming creeks and hiking tracks.

There are an eclectic variety of architectural styles in Aeroglen, however there is a strong presence of traditional Queenslander homes.

When is comes to Queenslander homes, however, moving furniture in and out can be tricky business due to stairs.

At Stress Free Removals, we are conscious of the safety concerns and risk of damage to Queenslander homes so we have compiled a list of things we do to ensure that items removed from properties are done so with minimal difficulty.

Handy tips on moving to and from a Queenslander: 

1. Carry tall items high and low. We tip the item backward at an angle and one person carries the top and the other carries the bottom.  The carrying angle should roughly match the slope of the stairs.

2. Hook chairs around corners.  We turn the chair on its side so it looks like an “L” from an aerial view. Hook it around the door frame and slip it through.

3. Use lifting straps where appropriate.


For smaller items, pack in boxes and label them accordingly so they can be delivered to the right place.

For example, “Transfer Station” or “Crockery for Lifeline”.


We’re called Stress Free Junk Removals for a reason- we really are stress free.

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