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Bayview Heights Junk Removal

Bayview Heights is a hilly suburb in the southern side of Cairns that boasts some of the cities’ most beautiful homes, however, there may be an overflow of unwanted clothing or junk that needs removing.

If you’re wardrobe space is starting to look like an episode of “Hoarders”,  perhaps it’s high time to purge out all that junk and make some much needed room in your wardrobe. Junk removal in Bayview Heights is our speciality and we are here to help you move your trash.


Unwanted clothing can be recycled or given to charity

The wardrobe purge can be stressful, overwhelming and fill you with anxiety and dread but the end results can be relieving and satisfying. Who doesn’t want more wardrobe space and a tidier room?

Here at Stress Free Removals we have some handy tips for getting the job done!


Tips on de-cluttering your wardrobe:

1. Donate!

Local homeless shelters, second hand stores such as Salvation Army, women’s shelters and community outreach centres are always in need of donations. There are numerous worthy charity organisations out there who would greatly appreciate your help.

2. Recycle! 

Here at Stress Free Removals, our motto is “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!”. The last thing we want to do is throw clothing into landfills that wreak havoc on our environment.

If your unwanted clothes are looking worse for wear and beyond repair, consider reusing them as cleaning rags.

Any buttons, zippers and other bit and pieces can be given to the art department of local school to be used in art projections and assignments.

Alternatively, there are many crafty seamstresses in Cairns who may be able to utilize their skill and creativity to revamp clothing and give it a new lease of life that you be sold or auctioned off for charity.


3. Sell!

You could be sitting on a goldmine of unwanted clothes that many people are willing to pay top dollar for and selling them off is a great idea. Ebay is a great spot for second hand items but another growing market are those found on Social Media. Facebook has had a barrage of Social markets popping up for buying and selling fashionable clothes and this could be your place to make some quick cash.

4. Swap!

There are many Social Media groups on Facebook that promote “swapping” of items and clothing instead of selling. Host a swap party where you and your friends each bring unwanted items in good condition and make a night (or day) of it! It can be a fun social experience and as they say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure!


For help with your unwanted clothing or junk, please make bookings with Casey on 0434 489 909.