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Cairns North rubbish removal for apartments and units

The Cairns Regional Council’s proposal to lift building restriction heights in the CBD and Cairns North will stimulate new development.  As a result, it seems reasonably safe to say that apartments will become the norm in this area.

With more apartments around, that means more people moving in and out and this means junk being left behind and in need of clearing up.


Removing rubbish and junk from your home ensures clean surroundings

Removing rubbish and junk from your home ensures clean surroundings

If you are a property manager for an apartment complex or sublet an apartment, you’ve probably gone through the dramas of tenants leaving their unwanted items and furniture behind.

And if you are a tenant, you want to make sure that your unit is up to the landlord’s standards to ensure you receive the full refund of your bond.

Stress Free Junk Removal can help you with apartment clean outs, whether it is a complex or an individual apartment and whether you are a tenant, owner or manager.

We will remove rubbish, furniture, appliances and crockery from your apartment.

Stress Free Removal gets the job done! Perfectionists at heart, we work tirelessly to ensure your place is looking clean and tidy and junk free. For interstate customers, we will even send a photograph of the apartment after we have finished.

Moving can often be a time of high stress and anxiety so let us take care of you and leave the job to capable hands.

We know you probably have a lot on your mind while you are on the move, so we gladly provide a list of a few things to remember as you prepare your home for its next inhabitants:

Here are some handy tips on how you can prepare your home for it’s next occupants:

1. Clean carpets with a high powered vacuum to ensure all dirt and dust is thoroughly removed.

2. When mopping, make sure you have TWO buckets (one for clean, soapy water and one for dirty water; you don’t want to be cleaning your floors with dirty water!)

3. Use a steam mop if possible, for a deeper, more thorough clean.

4. Clean the windows, walls, doors and door knobs.

5. Dust all the ledges and the ceiling fixtures.

Alternatively, if you can afford a cleaner, forget this list!


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