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Garden Maintenance Service Cairns


Lawn Services in Cairns

Lawn Services in Cairns


Do you want a stunningly beautiful garden all year round?

In addition to our junk removal service our team professional gardeners, who have undergone extensive training and testing, provide an expert garden maintenance service.

Having a well-kept beautiful garden is a point of pride for many; not only does it raise the street appeal of your home but you get the luxury of being able to relax in beautiful garden at the end of a hard day. Unfortunately, tending to your garden to keep it looking its best is time-consuming and physically demanding, especially in tropical North Queensland. An unmaintained, overgrown, dried out garden can really let down the appearance of your home. It prevents you from experiencing the true beauty of the nature surrounding your home and even reduces its value.

However, Stress Free Junk Removals are here to help, our garden maintenance services includes:

  • Lawn Mowing & Edge Trimming
  • Tree Trimming
  • Pruning & Weeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Green Waste Removal
  • Tree Removal

If your busy agenda leaves you with no time to keep up with the maintenance of your garden or if it needs a complete overhaul leave the hard work to us as we’ll gladly take care of it and make sure your always coming home to see it neat, healthy and green.

Our team of professional gardeners are franchisees, fully insured, police checked and passionate about their trade. We are ready to serve you 7 days a week with a vast knowledge of horticulture and arboriculture, and the latest equipment at the lowest rates possible.

Like our removals service you’ll receive an incredible service from our expert term that is 100% stress free. Just call us on 0434 489 909 and we’ll will provide you a free quote, clearly explain what needs to be done, and then we’ll turn your garden into a stunningly beautiful tropical paradise, all at an incredibly reasonable price.