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The Story of Harry the Hoarder


Harry the Hoarder was miserable. He found that lately he was having difficulty moving around his house. He had piles of old newspapers piled up in order outside all his bedroom doors. Cardboard boxes that might come in handy one day lined most of the walls. An avid reader of comics he had bookcases of them in just about every room. The worsed room of all was the spare bedroom. No-one had visited for years so Harry had filled the room so full he could no longer reach the bed, let alone the far wall.

Just recently Harry had bought a new 3D TV. He did not have the heart to discard it and donating it to charity never crossed his mind. He thought he would keep it as a spare in case the new set broke down. The only place he could find to put it was in the passage-way between some old chairs and the lidless Esky.

The old grammaphone records and Cassette Tape shelving on the other side meant that now Harry had to walk sideways in the corridor. Worse still he now found he was forever stepping over things whenever he needed to go to another room. Even the lavatory had piles of books to choose from to pass the time.

Harry was an avid internet user with one of his favourite sites being Facebook. One day he notice a friend had posted a plug for an organisation called “Stress Free Junk Removal”. This got Harry thinking.

He decided some things had to go. After making a start on all the clothes that were now too small for him (he came to realise he would never be that size again) he grabbed a box and filled it with the unwanted apparel. Uncertain how to proceed he rang Casey on 0434 489 909 and sought his help. Casey suggested Harry sort out the junk into ‘keep’ and ‘discard’ piles. Once all the discarded goods were stacked in the garage or any spare space outside the house Harry should seriously think about donating the comics to a library where others could benefit from them and Harry would still have access to them. The newspapers should be used as mulch or placed in the discard pile as the local municipal library kept them on file. Casey also suggested that as he was a computer buff Harry could convert the old records to a digital format on his hard drive and donate the 78s to the local museum where he could still go and see them.

Harry realised Casey could have suggested discarding everything and therefore making more money, but he didn’t. Clearly Casey knew how difficult it was for Harry to part with some of the possessions and to suggest new homes for some of these items would soften the blow.

Casey arranged to visit a few day later to give a free quote for removing the junk. With other advice Harry had received he rang various charities to see if there was anything they could put to good use.

Harry was surprised at the low price Casey quoted. Part of the reason was that Harry had acted on Casey’s suggestions to put all the junk in containers and store it all in one place where it was easy for Stress Free Junk Removals people to load onto their vehicle. What Harry liked too was the quick response and the short time taken to clear away the debris. Harry was also pleased with the way they left the area neat and tidy.

When it was all over Harry found he had a house that was easy to clean, airy and easy to move around in. Harry also had a warm inner feeling from being able to help others in the community with items that were just cluttering up his living areas.

Why not phone Casey on 0434 489 909 if you have any junk you would like removed? The organisation not only takes away any unwanted goods it also makes suggestions for anything the owner feels is too good to throw away.